Symptoms Of Ecstasy Abuse
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Symptoms Of Ecstasy Abuse

What are the symptoms of ecstasy abuse?

For those who are attentive to their loved ones natural behavior, it should be quite easy for them to tell if their loved one is taking ecstasy. There are key signs that you can look for with any drug use, and there are additional symptoms of ecstasy abuse to watch for as well. As a supportive loved one or friend that is involved in the drug user's daily life, it should be somewhat easy to spot whether or not your loved one is abusing ecstasy, or any other drug.

  • If your loved one suddenly starts to exhibit unusual bursts of euphoria or exhilaration, this can be one of the symptoms of ecstasy abuse.
  • Users of ecstasy often show no worry or concern for anything in life, and are continually happy. While this of course is not always a signal of drug use, if your loved one normally does not act this way, and shows other specific signs of drug abuse, you should pay closer attention to what they are doing and how they are acting.

Symptoms Of Ecstasy Abuse and Depression 

On the other hand, the symptoms of ecstasy abuse can also include extreme depression. This generally is brought on during the "coming down" phase of ecstasy abuse, as the drug starts to work its way out of the system. The depression will generally come after the intense bursts of euphoria. This depression can be mild or extremely severe depending on the level of and length of time your loved one has been using ecstasy. Studies have shown that young adults that are long-term users of ecstasy can suffer from severe, debilitating depression when going through the "coming down" phase.

Symptoms Of Ecstasy Abuse and Memory 

Another one of the symptoms of ecstasy abuse is memory loss. If your loved one suddenly starts having a hard time recalling events, or remembering things on a short term basis, this is another sign of ecstasy usage. Also, if your loved one suddenly develops sleeping issues, you should be on the lookout as well. Ecstasy causes an increase in both heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause insomnia and other sleep related issues.

A change in their physical appearance is one of the symptoms of ecstasy abuse!

Users of ecstasy often appear to be:

  • Sweaty, a side effect of the high body temperature that is caused by the increased blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Your loved one may seem dizzy and off balance or look like they are getting ready to faint
  • Weight loss
  • Skin breakouts
  • Sore jaws from constantly grinding their teeth together

Lastly, someone who is into ecstasy may have items which appear quite innocent, but may be linked to the symptoms of ecstasy abuse:

  • Pacifiers and lollipops - often used to help users guard against the teeth grinding that comes from involuntary jaw clenching.
  • Candy necklaces/bags of small candy pieces - sometimes used to hide ecstasy pills among the candy
  • Glow sticks, glowing jewelry, mentholated rub, surgical masks - all are often used by those on ecstasy to over stimulate their senses.

Symptoms Of Ecstasy Abuse
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